The Steptoe Butte Burger – My Favorite!

The Steptoe Burger

We all have our favorite burgers and the Steptoe Butte is mine!  Why is it my favorite? I’m SO glad you asked! I love the bourbon barbecue sauce with the mildly-spiced crunchy onions, and the melted Tillamook pepper jack cheese. The crunch, the bourbon sauce, the cheese, and the meat all meld together so well! If you feel like you want more sauce, you just ask for it and they bring more in a little container. I usually ask for more 🙂 And guess what?! If you don’t feel like having fries with this awesome burger, you can have a salad! I honestly am going to stop typing this right now, and I’m going to have a Steptoe Butte Burger! I LOVE this burger!

The Seven Devils Burger

The Seven Devils Burger

Who doesn’t love an awesome burger?! We do! We were recently at the Tasting Room for Colter’s Creek Winery in Moscow, Idaho when the server asked us where we were from. We told her we carry Colter’s Creek wine on tap at Zoe’s, and had come to select more wine. She threw her arms up in the air and excitedly exclaimed, “Oh! I LOVE the Seven Devils Burger!!!” So, there you have it. The Seven Devils Burger. It’s good! Make sure you add our Colter’s Creek wine, or a beer with your burger! You don’t want either? No problem ~ add a latte or smoothie. We’ve got you covered!

Happy Holidays from all of us!

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!

We hope your holidays are filled with joy, happiness, good food and good cheer, with family and friends, and those who mean the most to you! From our hearts to your heart, we wish you all the “best of the best” for the new year! – from all of us at Zoe Coffee & Kitchen

German Sausage and Family

Mike and I believe in family and community, which is why we admire the Meyer’s family. Every year the Meyer family gets together before Christmas to make their own special family recipe of smoked German sausage. They’ve been supplying the community with this awesome blend for some 40+ years. While Mike did graduation weekend at the restaurant, I had the good fortune to be with the Meyer clan making sausage! What an event! Meat is ground, links are make, sausage is smoked (400 pounds at a time in the smokehouse!) and then it’s wrapped and labeled for distribution to family and friends.  Friends drift in and out throughout the day, as the pellet stove roars, kids and grand kids play, and the music alternates between country and Christmas music.  The Meyer recipe is the closest I’ve had to my own family’s recipe and it always brings back wonderful memories of growing up and making sausage every year with my family. A special thank you to the Meyer’s family for including me, for creating wonderful family memories, and for making wonderful sausage for the community!

We love the community!

This week Mike and I attended the Pullman Chamber of Commerce party and it was such a fun event! The WSU Brelsford Visitor Center is so pretty and the company was fantastic! It’s so nice to meet with fellow business owners and community members who care about and support our wonderful community.

A True Class Act

We may have lost Apple Cup but I’m proud of my alma mater.   SO very proud. On the way to Apple Cup this year the van carrying the UW Marching Band slid on ice, flipping on its side near George, Washington, sending most of the students to nearby hospitals. The band, rightfully so, cancelled the rest of their trip. Mike and I were with the WSU Marching Band that Apple Cup morning because we were catering for them, and they told us they were working hard to learn the UW fight song.  Since the UW Marching Band couldn’t come, they would play their fight song, “Bow Down to Washington” for them.  Transcending competition and Apple Cup rivalry, the students poured their hearts into learning the music, and then poured back out when they played it at halftime! A special acknowledgement and thank you to the WSU Marching Band who melted the hearts of everyone everywhere. Proud to be a Coug.

Since this is a blog, let me tell you another story. The day we held a farewell appreciation barbecue at our previous WSU campus location (next to the Music Department), who just “happened” to show up but the WSU Marching Band.  That’s right, the WSU Marching Band.  And they played. And then they played some more. A selfless act of goodwill and kindness.  I’ve said it before,  and I’ll say it again, “We love you! ”

We’ll keep the power on… and we’ll be closed on Monday, November 19th

We will be closed Monday, November 19th, for renovations.  A brand new electrical panel will be installed. Why? Well,  a couple of times the power has gone out. There was one very busy Sunday morning in particular. That very, very, busy, entire restaurant came to a dead halt. Nothing worked. Nothing. My life passed slowly before my eyes… until a wonderful employee reached above my head and flipped the main breaker switch. The electrician says  a new panel has to be installed or one day the power simply will  not come back on. So, there you have it. We’ll be closed on November 19th and we’ll be back up on November 20th. We’re looking forward to seeing you Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner at Zoe’s!

WSU Football against Arizona – November 17th at 7:30pm

Wow! What a football season this has been! We’re excited for the game against Arizona.  Another great game and beautiful fall weather!  Bundle up if you’re going! If you get cold, come on in and watch the game on our screen with a brew and burger! It’ll be warm and cozy!  You’ll want to stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner,  and keep warm with coffee or brew.

While you’re in Pullman, make sure you stop at Neill’s Flowers and Gifts to pick up your very own WSU rock and check out their awesome decorations (you’ll be amazed)!  I got my rock today and I LOVE it!


Thanksgiving dinner at Zoe’s! Make your reservation now!

Let’s have Thanksgiving in Pullman TOGETHER!  Why not? If you’re in Pullman on Thanksgiving with nowhere to go (or better yet you just don’t feel like cooking) come eat with us!  We’ll be serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner from 11:00am to 6:00pm. There will be limited seating, so be sure to make your reservation soon at 509-338-9632. We’ll want to know how many are coming so we’ll know how many turkeys to cook 😉 We can’t wait to hear from you!

Who Doesn’t Love the WSU Music Department?

Kudos to the WSU Music Department!  For Dad’s Weekend they’re providing a Big Band II concert  this Friday at 3:10pm in Kimbrough Hall for FREE.  If you haven’t been to one of these you should go!  It’s pretty awesome!  If you miss it, you can go listen to the Student Chamber Music at 4:10pm in Bryan Hall, again for FREE.  And if you miss that, you can go to the  5:10pm performance of the Student Chamber Music. These are AWESOME free performances!

And don’t forget the WSU Marching Band! We love them!